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Massage Therapy

Massage For Personal Wellness, Recovery & Preventive Care  


Are you holding stress, pain, tension or trauma in your body?  


Do you have chronic tension in your shoulders, neck, head or jaw? Maybe you’re experiencing TMJ, cluster headaches, a clicking or popping jaw, and pain that’s interfering with your daily life and ability to concentrate, sleep and even eat. 


Perhaps you’re recovering from surgery, an illness or an accident and your doctor or another practitioner has suggested massage as part of your recovery/treatment plan to help loosen muscles, improve circulation, increase flexibility and mobility, work the lymphatic system, and expedite your healing. 


It might be that you’re feeling worn down and sore from managing a demanding schedule or processing an emotional or physical trauma and want to feel more relaxed and at ease. 


If you are seeking relief, massage treatment with a highly trained and experienced massage therapist can help alleviate pain, reduce tension and improve blood flow so you can feel healthier and more relaxed, energized and alive in your body.


The Benefits of Massage, Personal Wellness & Preventive Care  


In Boulder, so many of us seem to thrive in a work hard/play hard lifestyle. Yet, with lives so full and busy, we often don’t schedule time for the personal wellness we need to keep our minds, hearts and bodies balanced. It often takes burnout, illness, accident or injury before people come to see me. But, it doesn’t have to be! 


Although massage promotes relaxation, it is also a powerful modality that enhances overall health and vitality. The therapeutic benefits of massage have been known for thousands of years, used for both preventative and recovery care.


Some of the Benefits Include: 


Stress relief. Massage activates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural stress relievers, helping to melt away tension and promote deep relaxation. 


Pain management. Targeted techniques help release tight muscles, release restricted fascia, mitigate discomfort, and improve mobility.


Enhanced circulation. The kneading and stroking motion of massage stimulates improved blood and lymphatic circulation. The better the body’s circulation, the more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues. 


Flexibility and range of motion. Regular massage helps increase flexibility by gently stretching and elongating muscles, helping to reduce risk of accidents, recover from injury, and enhance athletic performance. 


Immune system support. Massage boosts the body’s natural defenses. By stimulating the lymphatic system, massage helps remove toxins and pathogens, strengthening the body’s immune response. 


Improved sleep. Massage helps break cycles of hyperarousal, calms the nervous system, increases serotonin, which produces melatonin (needed for sleep), and lowers cortisol levels, decreasing stress. All promote relaxation and the ideal conditions needed for restful sleep. 


Mental wellness. Massage isn’t just good for your body—it’s good for the mind, too. Research shows that regular massage therapy sessions can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve mood and encourage overall well-being.


My Approach To Massage & Therapeutic Bodywork  


Massage is a highly effective healing and personal wellness modality, with both preventive and recovery benefits. I firmly believe that it is one of the best ways to experience immediate results, release tension and trauma from the body, enhance overall vitality, and maintain long-term health and healing.  


As an advanced massage therapist and bodywork practitioner with over a decade of experience and high-level training, my approach to massage is different from most. I take a holistic, whole body approach, and no massage for any client is standard or the same. 


Every massage session is based on your personal history, what’s coming up for you that day, your pain points, information from your healthcare professionals, your intuitive understanding of your body, and my inherent understanding of the body, as well as your immediate needs and short- and long-term health and personal wellness goals. 


While we can focus on deep tissue or a specific part of the body, I generally weave multiple modalities into sessions. In addition to massage, the customized bodywork that I offer includes craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, TMJ treatment, intraoral massage, somatic massage, and reiki/energy work, if that feels right for you. Most massages are a blend, based on your needs and wellness goals, and clients often find the blend of modalities to be deeply healing and highly beneficial. 


As a practitioner and person, I am warm, respectful, attentive, and attuned. I’ll meet you where you are each day, beginning with a brief chat as I suss out what is creating the tension, always seeking to get to the underlying cause, while explaining what I discover as it arises. While we’re focusing on the physical body, it’s important to note that bodywork can sometimes bring up big emotions. For this reason, years ago I trained in SomatoEmotional Release, a gentle, trauma-sensitive therapy that utilizes the body as a guide. All emotions on the table are welcome, as my table is a safe place for you to slow down, relax and allow whatever healing needs and wants to happen to occur. In this context, I’m also highly skilled at bringing people back from the brink of burnout, calming an overworked nervous system and energizing an overtaxed body. 


And, if you just want deep, deep tissue, or you’re coming in for a specific medical massage, that’s all welcome too. It’s your session, your time, and your space to unwind and relax. That said, the goal is to go as deep as possible, without causing pain, so I can really get into and loosen the muscles and fascia, helping you feel lighter, healthier and much more relaxed than you were when you arrived. 


Massage Works


We often underestimate the power of engaging in regular personal wellness activities, such as massage therapy, which can help keep our bodies healthy, our emotions regulated, and our overactive, highly stimulated minds a little less busy.


I have been studying and providing massage and bodywork for a long time and know both personally and professionally how powerful the ancient modality of informed touch can be. I have witnessed hundreds of people over the years experience pain reduction, increased mobility and flexibility, better health, and better sleep. I’ve watched migraines and TMJ subside, nervous systems regulate, injuries heal, and stress reduce. And, maybe the best part, is how many people I’ve seen begin to feel more embodied, comfortable and alive in their bodies—and in their lives.  


Let’s Connect!  


Please feel free to contact me today to book a session. You can email or reach me by phone. I’m also very happy to discuss your particular needs and personal wellness goals and answer any questions you have about massage, bodywork and my practice. 

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